What’s trending? Dating Apps!

Love is a beautiful form of emotion that can be shared among two individuals or more.

But is love taken for granted in today’s time? Has it lost its value as compared to the past decades ago? From falling in love to dating and hooking up with or without commitment?

Love is a wonderful relationship between two people. Be it a parent – kid relationship, a daughter in law and mother in law relationship, a relation of friendship or an emotional bonding between two lovers. Love has numerous forms but in all its forms it is magical.

It is the year of 2017 … life has had some drastic changes in so many years, right from the time our ancestors lived, till date. We have evolved! There was a time when we used a stone grinder to make chutney (paste/puree), then years later electric mixer and now food processors.  No… I’m not diverting from my topic, I’m just trying to relate how in those times, things took time to evolve but with the present scenario everything is upgrading every single year like iPhone 5, iphone 5s, iphone 6, iphone 6s, iPhone, Season 1, season 2 and so on so forth.  With this moving speed of technology where are we as humans?

Well according to my perspective… we are at a time where gadgets and more useful than us. We are so dependent on electronics that we can live without our family but cannot live without them. We need to set an alarm to wake us up, phone reminders to remind us, GPS to show us directions, Whatsapp to chat with people and Facebook to become friends with strangers. Technology is the definitely the best thing that has ever happened to us but also the worst thing.

So let’s talk about love!  We have come to a stage where, from arranged marriages to falling in love…. now we depend on gadgets to help us meet “THE ONE”… no no… I’m not talking about shaadi.com or jeevansathi.com . I’m talking about dating apps like tinder, grinder etc. that is currently trending among the youth. I’m not against these apps and it’s just my thought not even an opinion… but really? Have we evolved so much that we need apps to find love, as if facebook was not enough (lol)? Is it out laziness or low self esteem or it’s just experimenting with new people or lust of the body?

Whatever be the reason for us to use these apps, we don’t need to go on a treasure hunt to get hooked. All we need is a phone with a dating app and some free time and Boom! You are hooked! These are just random thoughts that crossed my mind.

What’s next? Marriages and divorce apps (lol). Swipe right to marry. Swipe left to divorce!!! rofl


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