I Don’t Believe In Damsel In Distress… I Believe In Women Who Fight Their Own Battle

There is no limit to what as a woman we can accomplish
Michelle Obama


Either make it or break it.

The choice is yours… the story is yours…. the beginning is yours and the conclusion is yours.

You have to be strong and independent; you have to know that the fight is yours. People will be there to support you but they can’t take the decision for you.

Either you cry now and regret later or fight now and have no regrets but feel satisfied that you stood up for yourself. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose the battle, atleast you didn’t give up.

The world will criticize you, society will talk, your own people will put u down and you may feel lonely and left out; but this is when you spend time with that one person who knows you better than anyone else, who knows your strengths and weaknesses, who will tell you the best things you are capable of, who will remind you of all your achievements in life…. and darling you know who that person is???  It’s the one whom you keep away from, the most..  IT’S YOU

Yes YOU!

Lady! Learn to spend time with yourself, you will meet millions to give advices but only you know what you have been through and how you want to handle the situation. Just draw yourself away from the world and talk to yourself, know yourself better and see how you’ll be amazed by doing that.

When you meet yourself see how you will have the courage to emerge like a tigress and face whatever comes your way without any fear of the consequences. Then no threat will succeed to stop you or put you down, you will just go ahead and not look back.

And then the society that once spoke ill about you will talk of your bravery and you will set an example to other women through your fearless avatar. Those women can be your mother, your sister, your daughter or some girl who faced the situations you once faced.

So ladies! Step up, dust yourself and move on.

Show the world what you’re worth girl! 😉